Paris Conference December 5th-7th 2018
5-7 Dec 2018 Paris (France)

The dynamics of neural network take the stage in Paris at the 2018 NeuralNet meeting

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  • The NeuralNet2018 has been a great edition help to 16 outstanding invited speakers, 8 talented young scientists selected on abstract to present their work on stage, more than 50 posters presentations, and about 220 participants! The Amphi Jaurès was filled. Social events were also time for active scientific discussions and entertainment. Congratulations to Selma Souihel, Pierre-Yves Jacob and Jean Simonnet who were each awarded an Ipad as prize for their excellent posters. We wish to address many thanks to all our sponsors for allowing us to organize this event!


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December 5th-7th Neuralnet2018 Meeting In Paris!

The functions of the nervous system are emerging properties of complex networks combining millions of neurons; the knowledge of the behavior of individual neurons cannot suffice to understand these emerging properties; it is therefore necessary to access the collective behaviors of neuron assemblies to understand their function.

The goal of this meeting is, according to the aims of the GDR NeuralNet, and in the framework of the Labex Memolife, to bring together neuroscientists from various horizons but involved in understanding the dynamics of neuronal networks.

The program is aiming at presenting cutting-edge developments and discoveries in three fields of the study of the dynamics of neural networks:

  • methodologies (novel technology, instrumentation and data management/analysis)
  • functional analysis of biological networks
  • computational neuroscience.

The program will enclose poster sessions, oral presentations selected on abstract and, of course, a set of outstanding invited speakers:


Suliann Ben Hamed (ISC, Lyon) Cyril Herry (Neurocampus, Bordeaux)
Francesca Cacucci (UCL, London) Sonja Hofer (UCL, London)
Marco Dal Maschio (UNIPD, Padova; MPIN, Munich) Thomas Klausberger (MedUni Wien)
Georges Debregeas (UPMC, Paris) Gilles Laurent (MPI Frankfurt)
Stéphane Dieudonné (ENS, Paris) Christian Machens (Champalimaud, Lisbon)
Valentina Emiliani (IDV, Paris) Olivier Marre (IDV, Paris)
Michael Halassa (MIT, Cambridge, MA) Matt Nolan (U Edimburgh)
Guillaume Hennequin (Cambridge, UK)  Lisa Roux (Neurocampus, Bordeaux)

Detailed program:


The meeting will be preceded with the famous GDR minischool on data processing. Students and postdocs interested in spike sorting, spike imaging processing or multi-neuronal data analysis and mining are welcome to apply!

The meeting is sponsored by SmartEphys (Multi-Channel-System), AtlasNeuro, Ripple, Inscopix, Plexon, ...

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It is organized in association with the CNRS, the GDR NeuralNet,  the Labex Memolife, the Ecole des Neurosciences de Paris, the DIM Elicit, the Q-life Institute (PSL), the Ecole Normale Supérieure (PSL).

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Students/postdocs: 50 euros

Researchers: 80 euros

Online user: 1